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Where is your power?

Do you ever go through periods of time where you’re not sure where your power is?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with life for a while, or maybe every time you’re getting somewhere, something happens to make you feel like you’ve been knocked back. Maybe your challenge is too tiring, and you don’t think you have it in you anymore to keep fighting. Where does your power sit in those times?

My mum taught me that in periods of difficulty, my first response should be to step back and reflect. This often seems counter-intuitive when life is screaming at you to dive in and tackle things, quick, before they escalate further!

But in that place of reflection we often find the details we have been missing: how we are motivated, what we are afraid of, who or what we are placing our trust in and why.

This is how I can step out of the chaos for just long enough to remember again who I am.

My power is in being a friend. In being honest. In loving, and working at loving when it doesn’t come easily.

My power is in expressing myself and putting words to my experiences and challenges, and in the process finding a better way to deal with them.

My power is in accepting myself and others as they come, not as I’d like them to be.

My power is in imagination: new ways to do, or say, or create things.

My power is in letting people know that they are valued.

Where’s your power? I would love to hear because I know you have it.

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