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40 Days 40 Outfits: Be You, Be Confident, Be Free

Join me on a brand new 40 Days 40 Outfits challenge from 1st November!

On the face of it, 40 Days 40 Outfits may seem like just a big dress up game. But it's so much more than that, as you'll know if you've taken part (or read my blogs from the New Beginnings and Show Your True Colours challenges). It's about being very deliberate in how we present ourselves to the world, and that takes us way beyond what we wear - it's in our attitude toward ourselves and others, it's in our determination, it's in the recognition of our inner life and how that plays out in the choices we make.

The rules are simple: for 40 days, use your existing wardrobe to create a different outfit each day, and don’t buy any new clothes during that period. It’s a great opportunity to really use what you have, discover forgotten wardrobe gems, experiment with style and keep your pennies saved for a bit (especially if, like me, you can’t resist a sale!).

Our theme for this challenge? Be you, be confident, be free. It sums up my hopes for encouraging others in life and self expression - I think it will be a good guide to keep in mind throughout the challenge and beyond.

Want to join in? I'd love you to be part of the challenge! Posting your outfits online isn't compulsory, but it's great if you want to as it creates a community amongst those taking part. I'll be posting daily on Instagram and Facebook. Use the hashtags #40days40outfits and #beyoubeconfidentbefree if you’d like to share 😊

This is not an official challenge organised by 40 Days 40 Outfits as they are taking a well-earned break, but Karlien of Miss Carly & Co has kindly given me permission to run my own.

I'll be writing about the experience at various points - if you're joining in and want to share your thoughts, get in touch:

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