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I wrote this in 2009 while I was studying at university; it's loosely based on the dream of a friend, and how I imagined it to continue. The 'love tree' image I took from a small tree in the college grounds which had heart-shaped leaves that turned red in the autumn.


The man in the moon came down to me

In a silent silver night;

He whispered wisdom in my ear,

'What you seek you will find here,'

In the garden by the love-tree

Wrapped in pearly light.

The dawn crept faintly over hills,

It kissed the leaves with red;

Staring at a pallid sky,

Laying in the stillness I,

In the garden by the love-tree,

Doubted what he'd said.

The day, magnificently clothed,

The sun as garment wore.

Softly drooped a leaf and fell

Into my lap, a crimson shell;

In the garden by the love-tree

I slept a fitful spell.

When with the starlight I awoke

The garden was aglow;

Roseate the shadows danced

And I unto the heavens glanced,

In the garden by the love-tree

My very soul entranced.

The moon had lost its tenant old

But in his place it came:

Luminescent, perfect, round,

Spilling glory on the ground;

In the garden by the love-tree

Amor perennis found.

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