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These are not 'tiger stripes'.

I didn't 'earn them'.

I have no child to explain my scars.

I am not part of the motherhood.

Sisterhood, though -

There's a concept I understand.

Sisterhood has taught me

Not to be ashamed

That my body has stretched itself,

Grown so quickly;

Not to be ashamed

That some of these are teenage scars

Out of my control,

And some of them are twenties scars

Born of stress-fed feeding,

My body's way of saying

'Too much too soon'.

Sisterhood has shown

Kindness to be worth more

Than perfect skin;

Honesty to be worth more

Than a flat stomach;

Integrity to be worth more

Than bathing-suit perfection.

As my body has stretched

So has my soul

It's just that

You can only see proof of one.

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