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Fashion Lookbook with Everything 5 Pounds

The face of someone having a hilarious time taking lots of photos in lots of fabulous clothes!

I was excited to do my first ever 'lookbook' post because it gave me a reason to do two fun things I take pleasure in: dressing up, and browsing bargains. Everything 5 Pounds is an online-only retailer that literally does what it says on the tin - every single item is a fiver.

I've bought things from them on and off over the past two years and have been pleasantly impressed with the quality of most items. It was a bit of a challenge to narrow down my choices for this post from the hundreds available! I hope you like them - there are links to all items :)


Technically this is a tie-back top but I like to tie them at the front for a bit of detail. This top is beautifully made, a great length and with a slight flare from the waist - as a tall, big-hipped woman I appreciate this! It's fully lined with t-shirt style material and it's light and comfortable. I also love that it has a deep V at the back too, and a few extra gathers for bum space (hey, some of us need it). This is a size 16 and I've pinned it at the front because it is quite low left to its own devices.

The jeans are a loose-legged style which isn't my usual jeans choice, but I quite like them rolled up with pumps. They're super casual but with that subtle pattern slightly more interesting than regular denim! They are also crazy comfy. I suspect they'll become a lazy day favourite... I'm wearing an 18 which is a size up from normal, but as they're thick and not stretch denim I'd suggest sizing up if you're bigger on the hips and bum like me.

The pumps I'm wearing are a UK7 which is my usual size and they're a good fit.

Seeing Red

This top was just the most fabulously lacy thing I'd seen in ages, and how could I resist this gorgeous skirt in my favourite shade of my favourite colour? I'm wearing a 16 in the skirt and it sits perfectly on the waist, and is in a thick waffle fabric. The zip is in no danger of undoing itself (just in case you worry about zip styles) and it's a fitted pencil style all the way down.

All Black Everything (ish)

I was SO keen on this outfit and a bit gutted the shirt didn't fit - I ordered a 16 and I can only do up the button on the waist! It's a great quality shirt though in a classic style; sized up it would probably be fine. If it proves so then I'll be ordering it in white as well. You can see below the tailoring for shape is great.

My quest for the perfect skinny leg black trouser has led me down some scary paths in the past, but while these are on the snug side (I'm wearing an 18) I think they fit the bill. The pinch-seam down the front and the button and hook fly give them a more tailored look and feel, and they're the right length, hurray! (I'm nearly 5'9"). The fabric is thin and has no stretch so I was worried I was going to bust out of them, but I did a bit of bending and stretching and they help up just fine!

Bright and Beautiful

I have absolutely LOVED being a luminous being in this gorgeously bright buttoned dress. It's a classic fifties style simplified with modern colours and fabric, and it's thick and sumptuous and hangs perfectly. I don't need a petticoat (breathes sigh of relief). I may add a 'secret' button just to take care of the slight gape on the bust.

The dress has belt loops and comes with a narrow tie-up fabric band to match. I've chosen to style it with my own belt to break up the colour and match my shoes. You can see the skirt has enough volume not to be shorter at the back and hangs really nicely!

Sadly when I checked the site tonight (29th August) this dress was sold out! It's clearly been really popular so hopefully they'll be restocking soon.

In the Pink

This is just an all-out, hugs all the curves party dress. Part of body confidence for me is feeling free to wear stuff I love even if other people wouldn't think I had the 'right' body for it - because I just think we ought to be comfortable as we are! This dress lets me embrace that and I love its soft stretchy comfort and bold colour. I felt like gold accessories were the best way to complement the pink.

The elastic waist has lots of room for manoeuvre, and while the tie-up is situated a couple of inches above it, I quite like this because I can tie it at the front and create a sort of double waistband look.

So there are my Everything 5 Pounds looks! You can shop them using the links above or visiting the site:

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