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Five feet, eight and a half inches.


Twenty-seven years, six months, two days.


Fourteen stone and two pounds.


These are all measurements that belong to me -

But they are not me.

They don't define who I am.

They are not a limit.

They are numerical values, not the value of my being or my soul.

If you must measure me,

Measure something that matters.

Measure my patience.

Measure my capacity to empathise.

Measure my sleepless nights.

Measure my smile.

Measure the scarves I've knitted for friends.

Measure the words that only I can write.

Measure the love I express.

Measure the fear I feel.

Measure my determination.

Measure the apologies I've made for mistakes.

Measure my hope.

Here I am then - measured.

And if you're still looking at the first list,

Then you've missed the point.

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