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This poem was inspired by Anita Desai's novel Clear Light of Day.


Once again

You eluded me

As I slid blinking between two doors

And the dust curled in tendrils around my feet

Up my legs

Into my eyes

Then you were gone.

I thought I saw your shadow

Flitting, flying

Down the garden amid the roses

Crinkled shrivelled roses

Heads bowed at your approach

Hushed in the dusk

As you rushed on by.

Headlong always

You and I

Through the years hurdled and leaped,

Sparkling salmon in a dust-stream,

Mirages for pools

Mirrors for reality -

A picture of life.

You thought you’d go.

You thought I’d stay

Entrenched in static, inertia circles

Binding through blinding

And I ran, headlong, as we had together

Far away, lifting off

Leaving you in a cloud as you had so often me.

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