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I am the big one.

The big sister.

The tallest.

The towerer-over, still insisting on wearing heels.

The one you tell to sit down

So you don't feel intimidated.

I am the big one.

Big hips.


Swaying, walking, dancing.

The one you can't lend your dress

Because I'll stretch it.

I am the big one.

Big thighs.

Long legs.

Can't fold elegantly into the back of the car,

The one that makes you budge up on the sofa.

I am the big one.

Big ideas.

Talking, laughing, singing.

Asking questions, wanting to know.

The one you think might be more chat than substance.

I am the big one.

Big dreams.


Up at night writing.

The one who may be better at the theory than the practice.


I always have been.

I don't mind it.

I don't mind taking up space,

Physical, mental, philosophical.

I don't want to diminish.

I don't want to cower.

I have no plans to apologise.

I have no plans to stop.

This is what I was made to be -


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