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25 Before 27

I have entirely and unashamedly stolen the premise of this post from my friend Sarah - you can find her blog, Not Found, at - as it ties in nicely with my recent 'Oh No She Didn't' post where I confessed to terrible procrastination and laziness. In light of how this year is already running away with me, I have taken my sad little 2013 list and added to it, creating: 25 Before 27 - 25 things to do before my 27th birthday I am 27 on the 6th of June. So yeah, I haven't given myself that much time... Some of these things are already in progress and others have yet to be started, so I will try to update the post every so often to indicate how I'm doing. Feel free to chivvy me along, or join me for any enterprise that takes your fancy!

1. Take a Pilates class Already doing this, most Saturday mornings. I get the giggles during some moves and I'm pretty sure the teacher thinks I'm a weirdo as a result. 2. Hang the paintings in my house One of them is up! Five or so to go... 3. Finish knitting my scarf It's currently a rather pitiful 2ft in length, and it won't get worn this year at all at this rate. 4. Finish knitting Stan's jumper I got too scared to carry on with this when I dug it out and realised I couldn't remember all the pattern alterations I had made. But there are only the sleeves and sewing together to go - what could possible go wrong? 5. Lose a stone 3lb down as of this morning :) 6. Run 5k Yeah this might be the trickiest. I managed 4k about two months ago and it nearly killed me. 7. Learn to make cheesecake 8. Finish my children's story I started this when I was at University so it's been a long time coming! 9. Party with my sisters 10. Send six letters (or more) 11. Become Mac-literate Please someone volunteer to help me... 12. Learn to use ExCel properly I'm just winging it 13. Take or at least book a marketing class 14. Mend at least three broken items of clothing 15. Get my wedding ring mended or replaced

Stan took me to choose a new one just after my birthday and it's beautiful. 16. Plant flowers Ah this garden, I want it gorgeous in time for my birthday! 17. Enter a writing competition

I've entered two flash fiction comps, and have more to do. 18. Complete and send my modeling portfolio Next shoot is booked :) 19. Book my MA graduation 20. Get a good magazine subscription like a grown-up Suggestions welcome! 21. Have another tennis lesson with Stan Completed without arguments or lost balls - I cound that a success. 22. Watch Stan play a match

Done, on a hot summer day :) 23. Finish reading six books I managed 4 in the time I had. I've now got two on the go at once. 24. Re-connect with my great-grandmothers Both are over ninety and wonderful women, full of love and stories - I really should have made more of an effort in the last few years to have them as part of my life. 25. Make something creative for my home I have no idea what, at the moment. I can paint, sort-of, and I can sew, sort-of, and I can glue things. Wish me luck... I do actually need to get myself into gear if this is going to be realistic, but I know I do better with targets than without them, so as long as I'm not punishing myself over anything that is genuinely not possible, it should be fine. Do you have any goals set at the moment?

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